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Something that has been really bothering me the past few months is the fact that the majority of the Brazilian population is against hosting the World Cup.

In case you were not aware, FIFA and IOC have actually been evicting people from their homes (at gun point) in order to make room to build parking lots for the event. This has left thousands of residents homeless and angry. There is currently an open war going on, unleashed by the state of Brazil against its civilian population. The armed soldiers that patrol the streets are imposing curfews and executing kids that are playing in front of their houses. Hundreds of thousands of military troops, contractors, tanks, missiles, and swat teams armed to their teeth that are allowed to harass, threaten, beat, frame, monitor and arrest anyone they suspect is working to spoil the World Cup. Protests and civil actions against the government broke out in response but the chaos continues.
Aside from the brutality, what irks protestors is the blatant rapaciousness of the privatisation of profit and socialisation of costs that is the basic business model of FIFA and the International Olympic Committee - two private bodies that are not accountable and travel the world selling state of exception (a state's power to suspend the rule of law) packages to preferably undemocratic investment-hungry nations. Private contracts from the budget end up costing up to 100 times more at the end of the Olympics. This theft plunges countries in crisis with debts which are blamed on its working class.
In 2007 the UN-funded Centre for Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) concluded that over the past 20 years the Olympic games have forced two million evictions. After the evictions, laws are then issued so that people can be preventively arrested, that is if they are "suspected" of intent to protest against the injustice and abuses they endure.

And yet the media is in a total blackout about this, as always. Luckily, in the age of technology, it's hard to keep anything a secret for long. If only more people knew about this, or cared, rather.
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My name's Kendra
I'm nineteen
from Northern California

Things I'm passionate about:
art, animals, nature, the universe, pizza, social and political issues, friends and family, james franco

“ Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? ”
― Danielle LaPorte


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